Resume: PDF, HTML
Contact info: Email, 818-421-5859 (c), WeirdBen (AIM)
About me:
I'm a 24-year-old programmer with a passion for making games that goes back at least a decade. I also enjoy working with many other media on the computer, including web design, special effects for my amateur movie projects, and MIDI music. My two other big interests are science fiction and environmental issues.
Game Samples
All games require a Windows OS
Readme: PDF, HTML (history, implementation info, and controls for all three games)
Snood-a-Move: Right-click to download
A DOS-type Bust-A-Move variant I put together in my copious free time in a high school programming class. It's ASCII-rific!
Mousehunt: Right-click to download
A VB game I made at home, featuring a novel twist on the snake game genre.
Wings: Right-click to download
A beta version of a 3D flight-simulator game based on my Computer Science Senior Project, using simple OpenGL graphics. Requires Glut32.dll to be placed in your C:\Windows\System32 folder before it will run. Check out this code sample of the aerodynamic calculations.
Web Projects
A highly complex web portal project built using Xaraya, a PHP-based content management system which was in beta testing at the time (summer 2004). The shopping links, generated by a custom-built Xaraya module, produced advertising revenue based on our users' clickthroughs and purchases, and we could use the information returned with the revenue to apportion it to each user's chosen beneficiary (keeping a percentage for the sponsoring organization, The Learning Center). The project was eventually abandoned, but the site is currently online for demonstration purposes. This code sample is from the system used to regenerate and cache the shopping directory HTML whenever edits were made.
This relatively simple site was part of the media effort for Nancy Ruth White's grassroots city council campaign, which came in a close third among seven candidates vying for two open seats.