Responsibility, Integrity, Preservation
Nancy's Speech at the City Council Candidate Forum
October 18th at the old Redlands City Hall
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Hello, I'm Nancy Ruth White, candidate for Redlands City Council. Thanks you Redlands voters for being here or watching this forum at home.

I first came to town in 1964, as a student at the University of Redlands, and decided to make Redlands my home.

I have lived and taught here for over thirty years, retiring in 2004.

I have been and am involved in numerous organizations such as:

  • I am a Board member, current Vice Chair and Past Chair of Community Action Partnership (war on poverty program)

  • At the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, I am finance chair of this board. We have a budget of over 3 million dollars.

  • I served for three years as a California Teacher's Association State Council Member (the executive board representing over 350,000 teachers in California).

And other boards and organizations as well.

From these groups I learned skills in the following areas: collaboration, policy development, being a good listener, and I learned an eclectic approach to problem solving. I will stand up for my convictions on the city council and for the concerns of the citizens of Redlands.

So, why am I running for Redlands City Council, when I could be kicking back, with my feet on the coffee table?

Because I care about Redlands and you, the citizens of Relands. I want to be part of the solution to the problems facing our city.

I'm running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, preservation, conservation, and integrity.

I want Redlands to be the Redlands of State Street and safe streets.

I want it to be like the beautifully maintained homes along Highland, and numerous other beautiful residences in north, south, east, and west Redlands.

I want our tax dollars spent carefully and wisely.

I want our development, redevelopment, and revitalization challenges to be carefully managed and compatible with sustainable building practices, and the wishes of the community.

I'm concerned about Redlands growth and want to be sure that it is smart growth, environmentally friendly, preserving open spaces, with parks and trails.

Tuesday, our city joined our neighbor cities by signing onto the U.S. Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement, which promotes better climate practices. This is a step in the right direction.

There are many critical challenges that obviously have not been resolved, such as:

  • A balanced budget. The council must balance our budget without service cuts or accounting gimmicks.

  • We can resolve the current challenges of our city while still maintanining a strong fire and police department, filling needed vacanies.

  • Having a well maintained infrastructure--trimming trees, fixing potholes, repairing sidewalks correctly with cement, not asphalt, having streets swept on a regular basis, and planting more trees.

  • As I previously mentioned, Redlands is growing and we need to carefully and smartly manage that growth to keep or city affordable and livable. We must keep Redlands the Emerald Jewel of the Inland Empire that we all love.

  • As for consultants for city projects: we have a lot of local talent and good minds. Only when very specialized expertise is not available should we hire outside consultants. Right here in or own back yard, we have our talented city staff, and local businesses such as ESRI, and educational institutions such as the University of Redlands. Let's utilize them.

  • We can also utilize local talent through our commissions, with volunteers who have the expertise to help the city through providing another voice. This is a true democracy at work.

I also want to encourage and support small and local businesses and make sure that they are put on a level playing field with large businesses. I think that this will help us become a stronger and more vibrant community.

Most of all, I want Redlands to keeps its unique qualities and its sense of community.

It takes someone with the vision to lead Redlands to sound management and prosperity. I can fulfill those needs.

My contributions are from the grassroot citizens and I will represent your interests. I will listen and be accountable to you!

I will listen to your concerns and the concerns of the community through conversation, town hall meetings, neighborhood meetings--whatever it takes. You will be heard.

I am Nancy Ruth White. I ask for your vote for a safer, cleaner, and greener Redlands.

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